The Wilmette Harbor Club, located north of Chicago on Lake Michigan, includes a clubhouse with both indoor and outdoor dining, a gas dock, and mooring for several hundred boats. Since 1929 the Wilmette harbor's Sheridan Shore Yacht Club has hosted sailboat fleet racing during the summer months. Wilmette harbor is also home to the Sheridan Shore Sailing School for both adults and children.

Wilmette Harbor Club

Mother Nature was not cooperating this year for the 46th Annual Scotty Rolston Fishing Derby, the forecast was for rain/possible thunderstorms and 1–3 foot waves. Weather came down to a last-minute call to go on Saturday or possibly push it to Sunday. We made the right call to go on Saturday as the forecast improved to just rain and 1-2 foot waves. It was one of the best Derby’s in 10+ years! — 10 power boats participated from the harbor and all boats caught fish! 110 total fish were caught: 104 Coho Salmon, 1 King Salmon, 4 Lake Trout and 1 Brown Trout.

  • Ship Faced won Biggest Fish with a 13.3 lb Brown Trout
  • Trout Ticker placed second with a 12.5 lb King Salmon

  • Reel Lucky won Most Fish with 20 total fish limit for their 4 man crew (20 - Coho Salmon)
  • Two other boats Marcy Anne and Phish On also limited out but only had 3 man crew so they were limited to 15 fish each

Story of the Derby; we caught a total of 110 fish!  For comparison, last year we caught a total of 24 fish, in 2022 we caught 28 total fish and in 2021 we caught a total of 58 fish.

Despite the rainy fishing conditions, it was an amazing day on the lake and we all got to spend time together doing what we love.

Congrats to the winners and cheers to all the participants!