The Wilmette Harbor Club, located north of Chicago on Lake Michigan, includes a clubhouse with both indoor and outdoor dining, a gas dock, and mooring for several hundred boats. Since 1929 the Wilmette harbor's Sheridan Shore Yacht Club has hosted sailboat fleet racing during the summer months. Wilmette harbor is also home to the Sheridan Shore Sailing School for both adults and children.

Wilmette Harbor Club

What ifs and Dreams

1980 Gulfstar 45ft Sailboat"What ifs" and "dreams" began in mid-September. The "dream" that seemed most compelling to us was an extended sailing adventure. Something I never thought I would have the opportunity to do again and something that Cassie was game to sign on for. The "dream" turned into research and planning to see what was possible. That phase-shifted quickly to concrete plans and execution as the pieces quickly came together. By October we had purchased a rock-solid, 1984 44' Gulfstar CC sloop in Annapolis and started our journey to the Islands.

passports october 27 2020While one important part of this adventure is to disconnect from this world and Cassie and I have both been off of Social Media for several years, Instagram feels like the best way to keep everyone updated about what we are up to. If you would like to check in on us on occasion, follow the feed (the boat name is, "Muse"):

Musing about Rodgers on Instagram

cassie and stores december 17 2020We find ourselves tonight in Vero Beach and have quickly shifted to a different concept of time and "plans"; here till Friday then Ft. Pierce to meet up with a family we met from Buffalo who are on a 10-year boat stint with a 4 and 6-year-old, then picking a weather window to shoot straight to Miami out in the Atlantic (a 24-hour run), from there to Bimini and Islands south.

And all that timing and planning is totally "tbd" which is just fine. If it doesn't happen. "Oh well", and something else will happen that's also just fine. Someone today we met said skip the Bahamas and do Cuba, another family is heading to the gulf coast of Mexico which they love. The path we follow is more about the wind, weather, and who we meet than any pre-determined plan. All so far from our lives in Chicago.

Best to all and we will be thinking of everyone in our Chicago Boating Community as we embark on our crazy adventure!

Scott Rodgers
TOP PHOTO (L>R): Trevor (10), Cassie, Cayden (12), Scott