The Wilmette Harbor Club, located north of Chicago on Lake Michigan, includes a clubhouse with both indoor and outdoor dining, a gas dock, and mooring for several hundred boats. Since 1929 the Wilmette harbor's Sheridan Shore Yacht Club has hosted sailboat fleet racing during the summer months. Wilmette harbor is also home to the Sheridan Shore Sailing School for both adults and children.

Wilmette Harbor Club

Wilmette Harbor Heavy LiftOver the weekend, the State of Illinois issued a Summary of the New Order which included guidelines for marinas. With this new ruling in place, the harbor plans to open for the season on Friday, May 8. Unfortunately, the guidelines continued the requirement of only 2 people per boat. Hopefully, the State will revise this guideline in the near future.

I know everyone is excited for some positive change in their lives, but please remember to adhere to all of the guidelines from the State of Illinois. The harbor will also be developing its own guidelines in the next few days to make the harbor as safe as possible for the membership and the employees.

Heavy Lift Saturday, May 16
We are aiming to do the heavy lift on the south-side on Saturday, May, 16.